EGG-Streme Manufacturing Challenge

Dream It. Do It. staged 6 days of presentations with 9th grade students enrolled in Alief ISD’s Career and Technical Education Early College High School in conjunction with Houston Community College. Students learned about high-need, high-wage, highly skilled career opportunities in the Gulf Coast area as well as area economic data showing trending occupations in the manufacturing sector. Students also worked with EHCMA’s website. Students participated in the online “Match Me” activity on this site that allowed them to key in their interests, skills, and educational plans to help them find a petrochemical career that best fit their aptitudes.

Additionally, students were treated to a presentation on economics hosted by Mr. Chad Burke of the Economic Alliance as well as a spirited presentation on “Soft Skills” presented by Ms. Kristi Claypool of Meador Staffing. The highlight of the week was an “EGG-Streme Manufacturing Challenge.” Students were charged with designing and building a structure that could prevent a raw egg from cracking when dropped from waist height. The only materials allowed were 2 sheets of newspaper, 4 drinking straws, and 3 feet of cellophane tape. After a day of planning and construction, several rounds of competition were conducted. The winning team was awarded bragging rights and honed their employability skills which included teamwork, critical thinking, flexibility, and problem solving. Congratulations to all of the competing teams. There were NO losers!

Check out this video!